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John Fox Bio

- How long have you been working as a licensed Medicare broker? 

I retired from the corporate side of the insurance and financial services industry in 2016 and focused on the Medicare industry.


- What states are you licensed to practice in/what states do you work with?

I am currently licensed in Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.


- Why did you choose to become a Medicare broker?

Nearly every retiree I met during my career at Country Financial seemed frustrated and confused with the process of selecting their Medicare plan. I knew if I could simplify the process and focus on educating people, it would help them and it would be a nice semi- retirement business for me.

-Do you work with all insurance companies or only select ones?

I do not know anyone who works with all insurance companies. I am a broker and currently represent 11 companies. I educate people by taking them to to show them all companies available in their area. If they choose a company I represent, I can enroll them and be compensated by that company. If they chose a company I do not represent, I help them self enroll in the plan. The goal is to help them make a good decision for their situation and be available to them if they need to make changes in the future.

-What type of plans do you work with?

Since there is not one type of plan that is suitable for everyone, I work with all Medicare plan types.


- What are your hobbies and interests?

My favorite activities are spending time with the family and playing with the grandchildren. I am also a lifelong woodworker specializing in wooden bowls, spoons and spatulas.

- How can I contact you for services?

My email is

My website is

My phone is 509-990-1886

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