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Medicare Tips, Tools and Resources for Both First Timers and Experienced Medicare Users

Whether you are new to Medicare or an experienced Medicare user, we have tips, tools, and resources designed to help you save money and become financially smarter as you use Medicare.

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Get Medicare Tips, Tools, and Resources

First Timers. Are you new to Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

Experienced. Have you been on Medicare or Medicare Advantage in the past?

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Wiser Medicare Monthly Tips

Medicare can be complicated. Check here for the latest updates on what you should be doing with your plan each month. We have material organized by month so you don't have to worry about too many things at once.

    General Enrollment starts on January 1st.
    Getting set up with your new plan.
    If you've just started your new Medicare plan, you might have some questions. Luckily, there are people that can help. Read the article to learn more:

Medicare Resources

Take a Medicare quiz to see how you score.  See how prepared you are and learn where you may need extra assistance.

Find out what checklists the Wiser Medicare team has compiled.  These will help with planning for your Medicare needs.

New to Medicare?  If you are turning 65 or are new to Medicare these resources are built for you.

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