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Our seniors face a wide range of challenges in affording their care – they work part-time jobs for additional income, support their children or grandchildren, care for partners and friends, manage their health coverage, make doctors’ and treatment appointments, refill prescriptions, protect their health, and juggle bills, all while staring down rising healthcare costs and limited income growth. 

This story is not unique. It is the story of our parents, their friends, and every other senior in our country – people we know and love. The system is broken, and seniors need our help.


At Wiser Medicare and together with our partner organization, Predict Health, we are doing our part to help rebuild the country’s costly and broken health care system for our seniors, our parents and grandparents and improve their ability to afford their health and wellbeing. 

Power in Our Numbers

We are a unique resource designed to help seniors and their families become financially smarter as they use Medicare. By joining our Wiser Medicare Community, seniors and their families save time and money as they use Medicare.

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Shub, our Company's founder with his father, Sailesh

Our Story

In 2018, when Sailesh, our founder’s father, was traveling to Colorado to meet his grandchildren, he got dizzy and was rushed to a hospital. While everything ended up fine, his hospital visit led to a countless stack of bills and confusing options. When Sailesh’s family—our founder, Shub, and his sister, Shohini—tried helping, they got trapped in an ever-growing maze of insurance processes, policies, and jargon. And mounting costs.  Sailesh’s health insurance broker, who recommended the plan, was of very little help. It was clear that the plan they recommended was not a good match for Sailesh and what he could afford - he was sold a product that did not meet his needs. 

Sailesh found himself in a situation that was clearly avoidable. A better plan choice would have certainly helped, but also understanding the full costs of the plan and how much he should save for unexpected health events would have been extremely helpful. Are there tools he could have used to avoid the situation in the future? Are there better ways to pay for (unplanned) health costs than credit cards? How can he be smart when facing a huge and unexpected medical bill? These are the many questions Sailesh kept asking, and he found that he simply did not have the tools or help he needed to plan, save and face the situation with confidence.  


This experience is not unique to Sailesh – more often than not, our nation’s health care system leaves millions of seniors and their families feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and at risk for financial ruin.


We decided to help seniors better face their health cost challenges and transform how they pay for their portion of the costs. Medicare insurance – in each of its versions including Medicare Advantage, Original Medicare, Part D Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplement – is a complex financial product after all and requires an understanding of financial exposure, risks and implications of the cost features and options. Poor planning and understanding of health and financial risk leads to unexpected bills, financial distress and crushing medical debt. 


We consistently see that better financial planning by seniors and their families, a better understanding of the financial risks they take on, and smarter decision tools can help seniors and their families escape the burden of financial distress and medical debt. We are building a unique resource to help seniors and their families become financially smarter as they use Medicare. Every bad decision avoided extends the person’s financial runway and improves their life.


We are currently helping thousands of Medicare and Medicare Advantage members save money, and we are just getting started. Join us!​

Please Note: We are not an insurance company, nor do we sell insurance. We are a private organization, part of Predict Health, launched in 2019 to help Medicare recipients and their plans do more with their Medicare dollars and improve the Medicare experience.

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